Training Courses

The following training courses equip teachers to use the Kinetic Letters programme by providing information and practical workshop experiences linked to using the Kinetic Letters books and resources.

Full initial training

– in the four main strands of the programme

Making bodies stronger

Building physical strength to help concentration and the ability to hold and manoeuvre the writing tool for extended periods of time without tiring.

Holding the pencil

Strategies for learning, self-correcting and maintaining an optimal pencil hold for comfortable, fluent and legible writing.

Learning the letters

Teaching children to write letters with automaticity and combine letters into words for writing, using developmentally appropriate strategies and resources.

Flow and Fluency

Enabling flow in writing from the start.

Learning Walk/Coaching

This takes place in the school, about 5 weeks after Kinetic letters has been introduced, in order for informed observations and discussions/advice about ‘next steps’ to take place.

Moving on with Kinetic Letters – Speed and Fluency and the joining programme

Training in teaching pupils to use rhythm and flow in order to write at speed for extended periods of time.

Learn how to prepare children for joined writing and teach the 12 week Kinetic Letters Joining Programme.

Zooming in on issues

After full initial training, a number of other parts of training/coaching sessions can be added:

  • Left handed pupils
  • Letter reversals
  • Pencil hold
  • Pencil pressure
  • The supporting role of the Teaching Assistant
  • Use hand-writing examples to identify and address problems
  • Planning and implementing practice sessions

Course content and organisation can be adapted to suit Primary/Secondary schools or Cluster groups.

Duration – Full day/Half day/Twilight

Contact: to discuss requirements.

Is very manageable to implement straight after training.