Making handwriting automatic

… so all the attention of the brain can be on the content.

Used in Primary and Secondary Schools across the U.K.

School initiatives to improve pupil’s perseverance with and fluency in writing have been highly successful. Standards of writing have improved significantly and are now above average throughout the school. Standards of writing are very high in Year 1 and Year 2.

OFSTED Report: 2014 Simon de Senlis, Northampton

Kinetic Letters for boys and girls

For boys as well as girls

  • Narrows the achievement gap between boys and girls
  • Learn through movement and multisensory experiences
  • Physical programme develops concentration and motor skills
  • Motivating targets and personal challenges
  • Stories and role play, underpin learning
Kinetic Letters for teachers

For teachers

  • Easy to follow sequential teaching programme
  • Why/how background information
  • Planning references to ELGs and N.C.
  • Diagnostic photos and strategies for addressing difficulties
Kinetic Letters for school managers

For senior managers

  • Raises results across entire curriculum
  • Whole school programme that pupils can enter at any age
  • Minimal set-up costs
  • No learning loss between year groups
  • Writing style gives school identity

Rolling pictures- thanks to Simon de Senlis Primary School and Queen Eleanor Primary School