Learning – writing letters with Kinetic Letters

Before, I could never remember how to write my letters or where to start but the cool stories with the clever little twists means its not a struggle any more (Boy year 6)

Success – rules

The rules are really easy to remember (Boy Year 2)

Training – implement

Is very manageable to implement straight after training.


Excellent training – productive, exciting and useful. Some of the best I have received in my whole teaching career.

Success – handwriting

I have never linked physical movements or body position with a handwriting programme before.

Learning – science

Pupils are finding it easier to write their ideas in science, now that writing is not such an effort.

Learning – maths

Numbers that are correctly orientated and neatly written has improved maths too

Learning – Dominic

I can use Kinetic Letters to get my ideas out on paper (Dominic, Year 2)

learning – movements

When I learnt push and pull movements, I got my letters the right way round. (Ed, aged 7)

success – brain

Now my brain isn’t cluttered up… I can think about what I’m writing. (Nathan, aged 12)