Success – handwriting

I have never linked physical movements or body position with a handwriting programme before.

THB – school

We can apply these techniques throughout the school. (Head Teacher)

Results – writing

The boys love writing now!

Learning – science

Pupils are finding it easier to write their ideas in science, now that writing is not such an effort.

Learning – maths

Numbers that are correctly orientated and neatly written has improved maths too

Learning – Dominic

I can use Kinetic Letters to get my ideas out on paper (Dominic, Year 2)

not used

To say Kinetic Letters paved the way for my son’s excellent start in Education would be an understatement. Parent

THB – mastery

I like the stress on mastery rather than coverage. (Deputy Head)

BB – easily

Easily incorporated into the curriculum

not used

Makes so much sense